Foods you might be pronouncing wrong.

We’ve all been there, and when the cuisine is not native to your country, it’s only normal for your brain to hate words like Hors d’oeuvres, Gnocchi and Worcestershire. Here’s a handy guide for pronouncing these delicious words right! Take a print out, say it out loud, rinse and repeat! Admit it – you’d be just fine not saying ‘quesadilla’ out loud for the rest of your life.



Pronunciation: Kay-sa-dee-ah

Straight from Mexico, a quesadilla is a flour or corn tortilla filled with all things yum! Stuffed with cheese, veggies and some other ingredients, it’s folded and served in a half-moon shape.


Pronunciation: Mack-eh-rohn


Pronunciation: Mack-ah-ROON

Macaron/Macaroon: These aren’t the same things! Macarons are made from egg whites and almond powder. Macaroons are made from shredded coconut.

Hors d’oeuvres5453167_orig

Pronunciation: Or-derv

A rather fancy name for appetizers, Hors d’oeuvre are small dishes served before the main course, typically meant to be eaten by hand.


Pronunciation: Broo-sket-tah, not broo-shedda

All the way from Italy, Bruschetta is grilled bread, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with olive oil. Toppings can be varied – from tomatoes to cured meat.


Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce

Pronunciation: Nyawk-kee

Small dumplings made from flour, potatoes, semolina or a combination of these ingredients, boiled and served with sauce.

Worcestershire sauceBBQ-sauce

Pronunciation: Woos-tuhr-sheer

A spicy, intense sauce containing vinegar and soy sauce, it’s sprinkled in Caesar salad, beef stew, hamburgers and anything else you’re willing to try it with! It’s also used to flavour cocktails like Bloody Mary and Caesar.

Espresso Coffeecup_of_coffee_wallpaper__yvt2

Pronunciation: E-spres-oh, not ex-presso

A slightly thicker form of coffee, it’s made by the pressurized brewing process and contains more caffeine than other drinks.
Crème Fraîchecreme-fraiche

Pronunciation: Krem- FRESH

Thick cream with a mildly tart flavour, Crème fraîche is usually poured on fresh fruits or used as a garnish with soups.


Pronunciation: Keen-wah, not kwin-no-a

Quinoa is high in protein, is gluten and cholesterol-free and takes less time to cook than other whole grains.

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