Can food make you angry and disturb Life and style, Read this interesting story and try to avoid 4 foods.


First off, if anger is a part of your world consider meditation. Meditation allows you to view your emotions and listen to them without reacting. This way when you get mad you’re less likely to blow your lid and more likely to think about the things you say and do before you do them. If you’re already susceptible to anger certain foods can make matters worse.

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Keep reading to learn about 4 foods worth avoiding.

  1. Coffee


Coffee can make us cranky. When I drink too much coffee it tends to make me jumpy and quicker to open my mouth. Do you have something worth saying or will it just hurt someone else’s feelings? Could you frame your argument more compassionately? Coffee gives us a high with so much energy sometimes we don’t know where to put it. Stay balanced by switching to green tea or yerba mate. Both supply a boost while keeping you calm and collected.

2. Tomatoes


The ancient science of Ayurveda says that tomatoes are a heating food, which can cause anger. If you’re prone to reacting in anger, you’re likely at least partially a pitta dosha, the element made of fire. A little fire is good, it leads to better digestion. But too much fire leads to anger and the side effects of anger like stress and the resulting guilt.

3. Spicy Peppers


Spicy peppers again heat the body up and if you’re already heated, you don’t need anything else to help fuel the flame. Pitta dosha is aggravated during the summer time. Restore and maintain balance by avoiding this heating food when it’s already hot outside.

4. Wheat and Milk Products

Eggs, bread and dairy products
Wheat and Milk products

The main allergic response to wheat and casein in milk products can be brain inflammation, which causes hostility according to BeWellBuzz. Casein, which is found in dairy and gluten in wheat, has been linked to aggression.

Try to avoid or Reduce the intake of  above mentioned food.

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