Take a peg, Relax and read this article…. the amazing health benefits of Whisky .. Just for a Change!!


Whiskey is one of the best alcohols you can drink. Not only is it the least likely to give you a hangover, but it’s also one of the healthiest around. You’ll find that having a few fingers of whiskey every week can help to:

  1. No Weight gain issues

 Whiskey is a low-calorie alcohol, especially when compared to the many cocktails, beers, and wines you can find on supermarket and other stores. You can drink a tumbler of whiskey without worrying about packing on the pounds thanks to its low sugar content.

  1. Good for Heartheart

Did you know that drinking whiskey can actually make your heart healthier? Aside from wine and dark beer, what other alcohols can claim that? Not only will whiskey reduce the risk of blood clots, but it will lower your stroke and heart attack risk as well. The antioxidants in whiskey stop cholesterol from clogging your arteries, and it can even boost your good cholesterol.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Whiskey is rich in antioxidants, particularly one known as ellagic acid. This antioxidant stops your body’s DNA from coming in contact with cancer-causing compounds, reducing the risk of carcinogens forming. It can also protect your body from chemotherapy, and will reduce oxidation in your body.

  1. Improves your Memorymemory

 A study conducted in 2003 discovered that drinking whiskey reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you’re worried that your brain is slowing down in your old age, it’s time to start drinking whiskey to protect your very important organ from damage.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

 Whiskey not only helps to prevent cholesterol from building up in your arteries, but it can actually help to get rid of any cholesterol present in your blood vessels at the moment. It will also help to relax the walls of your arteries, ensuring that your blood can flow without obstruction. One of the greatest health benefits of whiskey is the reduced stroke risk, and we can all drink to that!

  1. Stress Busterstrewss

Stress can cause a wide range of health problems in the human body, but thankfully we’ve got whiskey to kick stress’ butt! Whiskey helps to reduce anxiety and stress, calming your nerves and helping to relax your body. It can increase circulation throughout your body, providing your organs with fresh, oxygenated blood. A serving or two of whiskey can help to calm stressed nerves effectively!

  1. Good for Digestion

 Did you know that whiskey has long been drunk as a digestive aid? It was usually consumed after a meal, helping to relax the body after eating heavy food. It can also help to shut down your appetite, preventing you from overeating. Best of all, it will aid in digestion, reducing your risk of stomach ache or indigestion after a heavy meal.

  1. Live Long

 Whiskey is loaded with healthy antioxidants, and these nutrients can help to increase your lifespan by reducing your risk of disease. By protecting your body against disease, you prevent the slow breakdown of important cells in your body–thereby helping you to live longer.

  1. Great for Diabetics

 Whiskey is a zero-carb alcohol, so you can drink it without worrying about the effect it will have on your blood sugar levels. If you suffer from diabetes, a finger or two of whiskey will be the right choice for you!

ウイスキー whisky

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13 Foods that can lead you Headache… be careful when you choose!!.

There are a number of foods that can trigger migraine headaches, each one of them independent of the other. What exactly in these foods causes or triggers headaches is still not known but researchers believe that certain substances in these foods interact with nerves and blood vessels of the brain triggering migraine headache.

One of the theories suggests that certain chemicals in food may constrict blood vessels in the brain which decreases the blood flow to the brain resulting in migraine. Scientists believe that these foods alter the amount of a neuro chemical called serotonin that may play a role in causing changes the blood vessels and blood flow headaches. Try these home remedies to cure headaches.

Tyramine containing foods: Most foods that cause headache contain the substance tyramine, which is thought to influence the release of serotonin. 

1. Chocolate

2. Banana

3. Cheese

4. Vinegar

5. Yoghurt  

6. Soy sauce

7. Fermented foods

8. Red wine  

9. Citrus fruits: Often you must have experienced shooting pain in your head after eating sour oranges, lemons or mosambis. Sour fruits are highly acidic and can disturb the pH balance of your blood, which on reaching your brain may trigger headache. Citrus fruits also contain histamines and small quantities of tyramine that add on to other triggers. 

10. Coffee: Unlike other foods that cause headache after consumption, coffee triggers headache when it is not consumed. People who are addicted to caffeine containing beverages often complain of throbbing pain in the head with withdrawal. In some people who have migraine, drinking coffee causes headache while in others it may be the other way round. Here are more reasons why you should cut down your coffee intake.

food add

11. Additives: If you read food labels carefully before buying them, you will notice that most packaged foods contain a substance called mono sodium glutamate, which can cause headaches. It is a food additive which brings flavour to packaged foods. Most common examples are potato chips, packed roasted nuts, diet foods, mayonnaise and other frozen foods. Read more about toxic chemicals in foods.


12. Leftover foods: Eating leftover food is a common household habit. But people suffering from migraine should avoid eating leftover foods to prevent headache due to increased amount of tyramine. Tyramine is actually a substance derived from the amino acid tyrosine that is present in a lot of foods. When you store food for a long time, more and more tyrosine is converted to tyramine. The amount of tyramine is higher in foods that are not stored properly or not refrigerated for a long time. If you want to store food, use airtight containers to store them. Read more about makeover for leftover foods.

13. Artificial sweeteners: All foods that contain artificial sweeteners may give you a headache. These include diet beverages, low-calorie desserts, yogurts and candies. Here are foods that you should stay away from to keep depression away.


  • The Headache Prevention Cookbook: Eating Right to Prevent Migraines and … By David R. Marks
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Chronic Headaches by Douglas Hanna
  • The Times of India: Foods that can give you a headache 

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WOW Food. Flax seed Gun Powder, a very tasty and healthy accompaniment for all the dishes.


Although flax seed contains all sorts of healthy components, it owes its primary healthy reputation to three of them:

  1. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, “good” fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s.
  2. Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities.Flaxseed contains 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods.
  3. Fiber. Flax seed contains both the soluble and insoluble types.



As with everything, moderation is key. Too many flaxseeds may cause negative effects. Just one tablespoon per day is enough in most cases. If you are unsure how much is right for you, ask your doctor how much he or she recommends.

1. Dry roast the flax seeds, sesame seeds and moongdal separately. Keep it aside.
2. Add 1/4 tsp oil in the same kadai and roast the chana dal. Keep it aside.
3. In the same kadai, add the chilli and roast the same for one minute. Switch off the gas.
4. Keep stirring in between after few minutes. The chillies will become crisp.
5. Let all the ingredients to cool.
6. In the mixer, first put the red chilli and chana dal and grind.
7. When it is half done add all the other ingredients and grind to a coarse powder.
8. You can use this powder for idli, dosa, uttappa etc. as you use the normal milagai podi.


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Weekend yummy and awesome food preparation with cauliflower @ JFC food consulting

These crispy homemade tots are so flavorful, you won’t miss the potato. The cauliflower texture is so similar to the potato, some might even be fooled into thinking these are regular tater tots.

My cauliflower obsession continues. I really love how these turned out. And unlike some of the other recipes where you could still taste the cauliflower, in this one I couldn’t. I actually kind of missed the roasted cauliflower flavor, but these were still super tasty.

Mr. K has his annual physical in a few days, so he’s been more amiable to my healthier substitutions. I’m taking advantage by making as many healthier dishes as possible. He gave this one his seal of approval.

These come out of the oven very crispy, with cheese and Italian seasoning to give them a delicious flavor. The bits of cauliflower felt just like the little bits of potato in my mouth. I’m definitely making this one again.



  • 3 cups finely chopped cooked cauliflower (approximately 1 head of cauliflower)
  • 1 cup Italian seasoned panko bread crumbs (make sure you used seasoned, otherwise you’ll need to add other flavoring to these)
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 eggs


1. To prepare the cauliflower, first boil florets until soft. Then either finely chop with a knife, or pulse a few times in a food processor until it resembles large course crumbs, like photo above.

2. Add the 3 cups of chopped cauliflower, breadcrumbs, cheese and eggs into a large mixing bowl. Mix with a large spoon until everything is combined.

3. Preheat oven to 400F. While oven is preheating, shape cauliflower mixture to form small cylinders, the size of tater tots (about 1 inch long). Make sure to first press the mixture together firmly between your palms before shaping, so that the ingredients hold together. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

4. Bake for about 15 minutes. Bottom of tots should be brown. Flip tots over and bake for another 10 minutes. If your tots are larger, you may need to bake longer so that they are crispy. Serve with ketchup or other dipping sauce.

Enjoy the dish

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impress your guests with these simple fruits

Fruit ice cubes5329de0f84dac

This is the easiest and the most beautiful fruit hack. Place your choice of fruits in your ice tray and do whatever you like with them – add sweetness to your drinks, add them to your dessert for show etc.


ORANGE CANDELS5329dd46769545329e67233289

Use a pair of tongs to squeeze a lemon half to get all the juice you need.

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Carve out bite-sized apple pieces easily, pop a stick in them and dip into the caramel. Then let them harden in a cupcake holder!

Top 10 Zero Calorie Foods @ JFC Food Consulting LLp


  1. Celery
    Celery is a food that when you eat it you don’t really feel like you’re eating anything, so it’s not a total shocker to find out that it has essentially zero calories. The stringy nature of celery makes it seem as if it only exists to hold the water it contains. What you’ll typically see is celery with peanut butter or cream-based fillings inside of it, and you’ll want to avoid those if you are keeping track of calories, as they can swing it back the other way quite quickly. Total calories per 100g serving: 16celery
  2. Oranges
    Oranges are known for their Vitamin C, but they’re also low in calories compared to other fruits. Whether or not you expend the total number of calories while eating oranges is debatable, but the point of eating foods this low in calorie is not to cancel out the calories, but to keep your total caloric load for the day lower than normal. You’re trying to create a caloric deficit, and an orange can help reach that goal. Total calories per 100g serving: 47
  3. Cabbage
    Cabbage often gets brought up for its ability to prevent cancer and heart disease, and it often ranks on lists of foods that help with weight loss. That’s because it has a calorie count so low you end up burning it off just by going about the normal motions of your day. Cabbage soup is one great way to eat cabbage, as it is a filling meal while containing far fewer calories than most soups.Total calories per 100g serving: 25
  4. Asparagus
    Asparagus shows up as a side dish to many meals, and is a great choice because its fibrous nature means it will satisfy your hunger, but the number of calories makes it so it doesn’t add much to your daily total. Eating asparagus fresh on a salad is a crunchy and satisfying treat, while grilling it or steaming it are the two best cooking methods. Be sure to go easy on the butter or oil, as that will bring the calorie count right back up.Total calories per 100g serving: 20
  5. Beets
    If you’re going to use beets as a low calorie food you should stick to fresh beets that you either steam, boil, or grill. If you go with the pickled variety you’ll be adding a bit more calories to the mix. In addition to being low in calories, beets are great for the body, containing betalains, an antioxidant that gives it its color and is only found in a few select foods.Total calories per 100g serving: 43
  6. Cucumber
    Cucumbers contain so much water in them it’s not surprising that they’re low in calories. That’s why cucumbers make a great adornment to most salads, especially when the salad is full of other low-cal veggies. You can eat until you feel full, while still keeping your total number of calories to a minimum. Combine this sort of eating with a more active lifestyle, and you start to tip the scales in your favor, literally and figuratively.Total calories per 100g serving: 16
  7. Lemons
    It’s not as if you’re going to sit around eating lemons in order to keep your calories down, but it’s nice to know that you can use them as much as you want and you won’t be putting much of a strain on your total calories consumed in a day. That’s why lemons are great for flavouring up a glass of water, or sprinkling on top of fish and other foods to give them a bit of zest. They’re also an alkalizing food and contain antioxidants to keep you healthy.Total calories per 100g serving: 29
  8. Cauliflower
    Cauliflower also limbos as one of the lowest ranking foods on the calorie chart. It’s also a cruciferous vegetable and has many healthy benefits to it, including being ananti-inflammatory food, and helping the body’s cardiovascular and digestive systems. It’s a great weight loss aid all the way around, not just because it’s very low in calories. You easily burn through it’s caloric load with the act of cooking it. Total calories per 100g serving: 25
  9. Mushrooms
    No matter which mushroom you choose to go with, the chances are it’s going to be low in calories. These fungi just don’t know how to be high in calories, so you don’t have to worry when using them in a recipe, or sauteing them as a side dish. Even the big, popular portabella mushroom is low in calories, having only 22 of them in a 100 gram serving. Perhaps that’s why it makes such a great replacement to high calorie beef in mushroom burgers.Total calories per 100g serving of Chanterelle mushrooms: 38
  10. Watermelon
    Watermelon has a low number of calories, despite being so naturally sweet. This has to be the sweetest food on our list, while still ranking considerably low in calories. The great news is that in addition to being a crowd pleaser, watermelon has antioxidants that help your body in many ways. It’s also been shown to be able to boost your metabolism, just don’t go overboard on portion sizes.Total calories per 100g serving: 30

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Be a Good Friend For Life………What ever it takes @ Jfc food consulting.. a heart touching story.

Horror gripped the heart of a World War-I soldier, as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle.

The soldier asked his Lieutenant if he could go out to bring his fallen comrade back…”You can go,” said the Lieutenant, “but don’t think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away.”The Lieutenant’s words didn’t matter, and the soldier went anyway.Miraculously, he managed to reach his friend, hoisted him onto his shoulder and brought him back to their company’s trench.The officer checked the wounded soldier, then looked kindly at his friend “, I told you it wouldn’t be worth it,” he said. “Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.”“It was worth it, Sir,” said the soldier.


“What do you mean by worth it?” responded the Lieutenant.” Your friend is dead.””Yes Sir,” the soldier answered, “but it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him say……. “Man…I knew you would come! “
We all have those people that are close to us and are special in our lives. But how many of us would be willing to save the life of a friend while giving up our own? It was once said “Greater love has no one than to lay down their life for a friend”. Let’s all be thankful for the friends that we have and value the time that we spend with them.
Happy Friendship Day guys…
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