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Your one stop solution for all Hospitality Needs.

Generally speaking, a food service consultant is an independent professional advisor who, for a defined scope of work and related fee, works as an advocate for their client in achieving their goals through the design and implementation of food service facilities and/or operations/management systems. Consultants provide expertise, knowledge and experience to provide assistance that does not exist in-house, or by providing resources not available at the time. As independent professionals their primary focus is the welfare of the client organization that they serve.

  1. Conducts the project feasibility study.
  2. Advises in project site selection.
  3. Menu Designing and re- designing.
  4. Very knowledgeable in the food service and hospitality industry
  5. Provides specific/specialized expertise
  6. Usually involved for limited, specified period
  7. Brings high degree of industry experience
  8. Advises and educates clients on wide range of topics
  9. Provides independent, objective advice
  10. Facilitates between project team and food service operations professionals
  11. Acts as an advocate for food service operations
  12. Enhances client’s business
  13. Conducts necessary Training programs to staff
  14. Advises in Food Cost controlling
  15. Advises in loss control and waste management
  16. Helps in recruiting  and placing the right candidate in the right job.


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