As a Restaurant Consultant what JFC Food Consulting do?

As a Restaurant Consultant what JFC Food Consulting do?


JFC Food Consultants are professionals who are hired by owners of restaurants and other food establishments to help them thresh out issues in various aspects of their business. Restaurant owners may engage the services of a restaurant consultant when they are already in operation or they may hire them before they open for business. The work of JFC Food Consultants will depend on Clients needs and the kind of solutions they are opting for.

As a Restaurant Consultant, we offer plans, advice, training, and support for improving all aspects of the restaurant.

First, we will spend some time observing how the restaurant is currently run. This involves eating the food, interacting with the Hosts and Servers, seeing how the kitchen operates, and looking at the numbers. As a Restaurant Consultant, we will get to know the establishment from the inside out.



At JFC Food Consulting, we offer clients suggestions on making changes to the menu, interior design, brand and concept, spending patterns, and treatment of customers. We’ll train management and staff to make sure they have the necessary tools to carry out the improvement plan. After the plan is under way, we’ll continue to check in regularly to see how the restaurant is doing.

In case of a New Restaurant, We’ll be starting from scratch and working with the owners to develop the original concept, food selection, ambience, and daily operations of the business.

Either way, our expertise and creativity will help out your restaurant business and improve the dining experiences of desired clientele.


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