South Indian Food – Just For a Change, Try out idli’s street’s mouth melting delicacies…….

If you got bored of having the rounded idli’s……

Why don’t you try it out in a different way to fight against hunger?


Idli’s – Just For a Change

Idli Street serves you wide variety of idli recipes named


Button idli’s – idli’s with button shape.

For idli lovers Idli Street serves idli’s in button shape. A slightly small button shaped idli’s just for change attracts your attention and will definitely become a favorite food for kids.

You can also try our button idli’s with Ghee, butter, gun powders with all regular accompaniments.

Triangular and square idli’s – idli’s presented in a different way

To kill the boredom of rounded idli’s idli street serves you idli’s in triangular shape and square shaped idli’s

Ragi Idli’s – Go healthy idli’s

if you are on a diet / diet conscious ? We have a diet plan for you. Try our Ragi idli’s, a healthy and balanced diet

Ghee and butter idli’s – for a change

You can have more when ghee and butter is topped on piping hot idli’s which are served with your favourite gunpowder and yummilicious chutney’s, south Indian popular sambar. No words to explain the satisfaction you derive from it.

Tawa Fried idli’s: just for a change

Have you ever tried idli’s fried on tawa with butter and special gun powders. Served with your favourite chutney’s. Just for a change give a try, I bet you will not stop with two.

Masala Fried idli’s: have idli’s with a spice, just for a change

You can also try masala fried idli’s to pep up your hunger with southern spices. I bet you will be fond of this

Idli sizzlers: sizzling hot fusion idli’s to give you mesmerising taste.

You might have heard about Indian Chinese food, come and try our south Indian fusion spread at idli street- just for a change.

Milgaipodi idli’s:  idli’s topped with spicy gunpowder up on ghee

If you love to try spicy idli’s? Try our Milgai podi idli’s, a superb delicacy you will feel like having more.

Have you ever tried idli’s with non-vegetarian accompaniment? You missed the Real taste of love with food….

 Idli with chicken curry – also known as idli koli saar.

If you are a non-vegetarian lover, you will definitely love to have idli with chicken curry. Try our idli’s with non-vegetarian spread and feel heavenly;

Idli with chicken sambar: no words to explain, you have to give a try

Bored of having idli sambar, try our idli’s with chicken sambar. Mouth melting and mind blowing savory. Definitely you will fix your appointment in weekends or as and when you get a free hunger time for sure.


Also try our signature idli’s like ..

Idli with Natu kodi Pulusu. Idli with mutton curry, Palak idli’s, Rava idli’s, Masala idli’s, chilli idli’s, idli Manchurian, and of course your regular idli’s   ….

Go delicious….Go idli street…..


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