Did you ever heard Dragon Fruit? Look for the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit..

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit..

Dragon fruit is extremely low is terms of cholesterol, as well as saturated and trans fats

Dragon fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, therefore it is not only great for the heart, but also helps in maintaining blood pressure and weight.

Vibrant in colour, which also means that dragon fruit is filled with phyto nutrients that can provide you your much required dose of antioxidants

Because dragon fruits are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, they both contribute to keeping the heart healthy and young.

The exotic fruit is commonly used in natural remedies for beauty because of its high antioxidant content as well as vitamins.

Dragon fruit is loaded with essential minerals, particularly potassium and calcium which help in maintaining bone structure
Since dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin C, it helps in strengthening immunity, aiding the absorption of iron by the body, producing collagen which makes our teeth healthier, and promoting a healthy and glowing skin.


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idli street – South Indian Food Franchising Opportunity in India & Abraod



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why you need a restaurant consultant?

why you need a restaurant consultant?

Why hire a restaurant consultant? The answer varies depending upon who is asking. Consultants offer customized services for current restaurant owners, restaurants looking to expand and start-up projects.
If you already own a restaurant and are wondering what a restaurant consultant can do for you, the answer is fairly simple: sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look at a problem. Perhaps you have concerns about menu selections and design, supply chain cost reductions or even problems with recruiting talent. Restaurant consultants have decades of expertise in menu development, industry operations, and management. You could be losing money, but cannot pinpoint the cause. Consultants are entrepreneurs and businessmen with a knack for budgeting. Consultants can help with time management, too.


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idli Street Mobile Food Truck – A Lucrative Business Opportunity

idli Street Mobile Food Truck

Idli Street Mobile Food Truck:


The Concept:

  • Idli street mobile food truck offers traditional south mouth melting delicacies at reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Idli Street mobile food truck allows you to do the business in multiple locations in a day. For ex: Near bus stands, railway stations, popular high foot fall locations, in front of shopping malls, beaches, parks, high streets, corporate villages, huge townships etc.
  • Idli Street mobile food truck can shift to any other lucrative place or location within the city without any hassles and with any further investment.
  • Idli Street mobile food trucks are a perfect small budget business as you need not to pay any rent or huge rental advances in popular locations within the city.
  • Idli Street mobile food truck needs very minimum investment and guaranteed high returns.
  • Idli Street mobile food truck concept is to start with minimum investment and generate maximum returns.
  • You don’t need to think for huge capital investment, no scope for interior designing etc.
  • Idli Street Mobile Food truck can be placed anywhere such as College Fests, Cultural events, Kitty Parties, birthday parties, Marriage receptions, huge gatherings, popular events in the city etc. apart from regular locations mentioned above.
  • Less Scope or No marketing expenditure.
  • Idli Street mobile Food Truck can also cater the needs of corporate orders inside their premises, if you can build the contacts.


Advantages of Idli Street Mobile Food Truck!!

  • Established Brand Name & Logo
  • Traditional and Mouth melting South Indian delicacies to retain Customers.
  • Pure Vegetarian or Non vegetarian Menu’s based up on client’s choice.
  • Coach building solutions for any vehicle.
  • Quickest service food truck concept
  • Oven to Mouth Food Concept.
  • Minimum investment and Maximum profit business model.
  • Targeted customers/ clients – Lower, Middle and Upper level income groups.
  • Our Menu pricing can easily attract any income group with Minimum Food Cost.
  • Joined Hands with Popular Coach building Giants to design feasible kitchens and Chef friendly food truck layouts.
  • Help you in recruiting right person to the food truck.
  • Staff Training and development programme.
  • Menu Designing and development of festive menus to retain the customer loyalty.
  • Food cost control techniques and Waste management Sessions.
  • Periodical Auditing and assistance.

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idli Street: The most profitable south Indian food franchisng brand in the industry

Company: JFC Food Consulting LLP

Brand: idli Street

The taste of having a traditional south Indian food can be best described as Heavenly food and sometimes indescribable. At Idli Street, We endeavor to cater a distinctive menu to food conscious customers and outshine the magnificence of traditional south Indian cuisine. Glorifying the importance, vitality and overall richness of nutritional value hidden in south Indian cuisine, fueled up by the authentic new recipes artfully originated by our chefs, we aim to cater people irrespective of their age, ethnicity, region or religion. When it comes to the food industry which is seeing its profits to be rising at a very considerable amount of pace, it becomes somewhat imperative to invest into it. Idli Street is one of those quick service Restaurant brand which considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. Idli Street is a food brand which is one of the most defined and refined food brand and has captured the market through its unique business franchise model and unique business strategies. Idli Street is now looking for its franchise expansion in PAN INDIA basis.

Idli Street is not only profit centric but also customer value centric. Giving south Indian food a Traditional new taste and showing it to the world in a new light is our primary motive. Idli Street is established to give a new colour and glamour to the south Indian cuisine (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

F&B Analysis in India:

If we look in to the actual hospitality industry in India , the Indian food market is growing at a very speed pace and is of about 25 lac crore as of now and is expected to rise to 42 lac crore by the year 2020. This makes it all, the more interesting and lucrative business franchise opportunity for investment purposes. India has become one of the hottest destiny for F&B industry.

Idli Street is one of the leading and lucrative south Indian food franchising opportunity to the investors with the opportunity to grow financially and somewhat socially as well rising their status in the society.

Why idli street Franchising:

Make your dreams come true and fulfill the desire to own a restaurant by taking up idli street franchise from us. Get associated with us by taking idli street franchise rather than buying or starting an independent business and take the below mentioned advantages.

  • Minimum investment with Maximum Returns
  • A Franchise model with No Royalty
  • Association with a well-established brand, reputation and product or service;
  • Assistance with site selection and feasibility reports for your location.
  • assistance with outlet design and equipment purchasing;
  • initial management training and continuing management assistance;
  • access to group/national market research, along with advertising and merchandising assistance;
  • access to established standard procedures, operating manuals and stock control systems;
  • Access to established financial systems and checks which can provide early warning signals to highlight trouble spots.
  • Continuous support from franchisor
  • Online and offline marketing help.
  • Menu design, menu engineering and menu development
  • Assistance in selecting in a right person in the right place.
  • Training the manpower, retraining the new employees
  • Periodical auditing
  • Marketing and sales strategies.
  • Continuous support and training in upselling
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Educating cost control techniques and waste management procedures.

A Brand which you can Rely on:

Idli Street is one of the most profitable food brand which has unique and universally acceptable food products range. Idli Street is one such fast food brand which is very keen on aggressive franchise expansion.

Dedication, passion and honesty are some of the factors which play a very vital role in the long term success of the brand and it is owing to these factors that idli street has become what it is today

The Requirement:

A very known and profitable food brand. The investment budget required for idli street is about 5–15 lacs and the area requirement for opening idli street franchise outlet is about 250 -1250 sq.ft

Idli street offers two franchise models named 1) Idli street eat n go, 2) Idli street dine in

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