Health Benefits Of Idli’s – Idli Therapy


  1. They are light and doesn’t make you feel lethargic. Moreover, idlis are made with rice, so it is difficult to digest this staple south-Indian dish.
  2. Idlis are gluten-free because they are not made with wheat. So, if you are gluten to wheat, you can have idlis over rotis or paranthas for breakfast.
  3. Idli is nutritious as it is a rich source of carbohydrates, fibres and proteins.
  4. As idlis are fermented, it becomes more protein and vitamin rich. When fermented, the bio availability of proteins and vitamins B content in the food increases.
  5. If rice makes you fat, you can make idlis with whole wheat. Whole wheat idlis aid easy weight loss, are digestible and good for diabetics.
  6. Rice can increase the blood sugar levels so, diabetics can have whole wheat idlis.

Happy eating , Have a Healthy Life Style…

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