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Choosing a right consultancy according to a Restaurant  needs is actually a difficult task, sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to choose. But if company do decided to get engage with corporate consultants, you need to make sure that the relationship should be successful as it is a two way process. An organization can have Ultimate and successful experience with a list of recruitment consultant but only you have to chose it carefully and have to play your part. A Recruitment Consultancy can work and get right talent for an organization if it can understand the business of that particular organization, in which market you operate and technical and culture of the role in an organization.


Employees are the ones who actualize your goals – whether in finance, marketing or operations. Without them your vision would remain only a dream. In the hospitality industry, the interaction between customer and restaurant employee takes on a special meaning and importance, and customer satisfaction depends almost entirely on a smooth performance from the staff. A single inattentive steward could severely damage the reputation of your restaurant. It is therefore most important to attract the right kind of employees and then induct, support, motivate and retain them.


JFC Manpower is a supplier of skilled labor and professional staff

Our deployed staff  have been known for their adaptability, perseverance, & smooth interpersonal relations. We ensure that before their deployment, they attend briefings & seminars that would prepare them psychologically & emotionally, to boost their morale, & productivity. We also require some of our candidates to undergo further training to accredited training centers to review & upgrade their current skills & competencies.

We can provide any candidates conform to your criteria & standards, according to your needs, for different categories

We require all our workers to undergo training.  We do not only train them in terms of skills & knowledge but in terms of attitude as well, that’s why our training programs include, personality enhancement, right manners and attitude refinement.

We also offer specialized training based on clients & employers requests and standards

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